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Published on Aug 9, 2016

Comparing FISH Technologies: Agilent SureFISH Oligo vs. BAC Cloning.

Bright, Balanced, Co-localized Signals

agilent surefish oligo

Powered by Agilent oligo synthesis technology, these new probes offer brighter, more balanced, co-localized signals with lower background compared to competing BAC FISH probes.
  • Brightness: Our new oligo design algorithm and labeling chemistry offer a brighter signal than probes
  • Low Background Noise: Agilent's oligo FISH probes target regions that are repeat free, enabling low background and minimal cross hybridization
  • Balance: Oligo FISH technology provides total flexibility on size of targeted region and number of oligos, enabling optimal signal balance between child probes
  • Co-localized Signals: SureFISH's unique micro-gap design leads to tight co-localization of child probes, enabling quick and accurate analysis

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