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  • Sureselect Human All Exon V7

    Sleek Design, Best-in-Class Coverage, Minimal Sequencing 

    The Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon V7 delivers unmatched coverage of targeted regions with minimal sequencing. Designed using the GRCh38/hg38 genome assembly, this exome design targets only coding regions from RefSeq, CCDS, GENCODE &USC Known Genes. all exon sequencing product features a novel bait design algorithm resulting in an end-to-end design size of only 48.2 MB. A novel bait design algorithm results in a sleek design with an end-to-end design size of only 48.2Mb.

    The exome sequencing system provides excellent uniformity and allows more samples to be pooled per flow cell, for more cost-effective sequencing. The accurate targeting ensures that even hard-to-capture exons can be accessed. In addition, the system is compatible with all SureSelect Library prep solutions, making it one of the most versatile exome solutions for a wide range of sample types including low input material and FFPE samples, and workflow needs such as enzymatic or mechanical shearing.