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Complete CRISPR/Cas Editing Solutions


CRISPR/Cas systems are used for gene editing (silencing, enhancing or changing specific genes). With specifically designed CRISPR guide RNAs, an organism's genome can be cut at any desired location.

Whether you need a high-efficiency nuclease for a custom sequence, or are testing off-target cleavage effects before performing edits in cells our SureGuide Cas9 nuclease is the dependable solution for in-vitro CRISPR/Cas applications. These kits include a purified Cas9 protein as well as an in-vitro gRNA synthesis kit that can be used to generate RNA guides.

Using our technologically advanced, array-based DNA synthesis platform, Agilent is one of the few companies that can generate high fidelity pools of guide RNA libraries. These libraries are available for early access in several formats including a pre-cloned human exome library, ready-to-clone human exome subsets or fully custom guides in a ready-to-clone configuration. All pre-amplified, ready-to-clone libraries utilize our proprietary SureVector library cloning kit, which gives better representation than competing techniques. For applications requiring a different cloning approach or further customization, we are offering unamplified gRNA libraries of your own design.

agilent sureguide crispr cas workflow


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